Passion & Purpose-Ask yourself these questions when you're feeling stuck

Passion & Purpose-Ask yourself these questions when you're feeling stuck

Searching for our career purpose and passion in life can happen to us more than once in our lifetime. Especially in this century where there are more career options every day and technology has opened the door to many more opportunities, it’s natural for people to want to re-evaluate their current careers and explore other opportunities. Feeling stuck in your current career and desiring something different does not mean failure in your current career, but a chance to evolve into a new direction. Sometimes we need to try multiple jobs within one or several industries to open the doors to new opportunities we otherwise wouldn't have considered.

It sometimes takes growth within various job roles to find what truly brings us joy and makes us feel fulfilled. This can also change at different points in our careers. The same job or career that brought you fulfillment when you first graduated college, may not 20, 10 or even 5 years down the line. This is when we need to stop to evaluate the situation and ask yourself; why are you feeling this way? and what can you do about it?

Photo Credit @Plush Studios from Pexels; Cover @ChristinaMorillo from Pexels

Photo Credit @Plush Studios from Pexels; Cover @ChristinaMorillo from Pexels

If you’re unhappy at your current job it could be because there's something about your purpose & passion that needs to be evaluated. Perhaps you’re not completely connected to the purpose or mission of the company you’re working for which drives the work you do and why you do it.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re no longer happy in your career and/or are trying to find your true passion & purpose, I’d suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

1 - When are you truly fulfilled? Which qualities do you like expressing the most? Think about tasks or projects that bring you joy or that makes you feel great about the contribution you're providing. Think about you're skills, what are you good at? Here are a few examples:

  • Writing- Are you great at writing stories, articles or essays?
  • Cosmetology-Are you great at styling hair, make up or nails? Do others often ask for your services in this department?
  • Styling or decorating-Do you have a great sense of fashion or are you great at decorating?
  • Public Speaking-Do you enjoy speaking to crowds, either motivating or teaching them a new concept?
  • Helping or comforting others in some way-Are you a great listener? Do others come to you often for advise or when they want to be heard?
  • Leading others-Do you naturally take charge? Do people automatically look at you for guidance or direction?

2 - What emotion or contribution do you want to create in others? Think about in what capacity may someone approach you for a service and how do you want them to feel after your contribution. Write down all  the feelings you want that person to feel and the specific service you provided or issue you helped them with. 

3 - What values are most important to you? Having your values align with your place of work is crucial to fulfillment. Consider who are those you value most? what is important to you? What makes you respect others and what do you expect from others. Below are some examples of values that are important to me. 

  • Family
  • Being of service to others
  • Freedom of creativity or flexibility
  • Dependability
  • Finding joy in my work
  • Authenticity
  • Consideration of ones time

4 - When you were young, what did you want to be? Not when you were four and wanted to be a super hero or a princes but when you were in your teens and weren't tainted or discouraged by others opinions.   

5 - What is your inner guidance telling you? Whether it's a gut feeling, your heart or logic speaking to you. What is it saying? Often times we know the answer, its usually within us, listen to it. 

6-Where do you want to go? Visualize where do you want to be, both metaphorically and physically. By visualizing a desire or preference, you're setting an intention.  This will help you clarify your vision and solidify your goals and action steps.

By asking yourself some of these questions, you can start to redirect your career into finding that purpose and clarify the direction you need to take that's aligned to what's important to you. Once you've taken sometime to reflect on these questions and written it down, make sure you tie it all in together. What are some commonalities or topics that kept emerging? Circle or write those down on a separate list and start narrowing down your list from there. Which of those are viable options for your that you would actually consider as a possible career or job and research every option. Don't just stop here! Make a plan and start taking daily action. 

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