My Top 15  Business Management Tools

My Top 15 Business Management Tools

Starting your own business can be an overwhelming and time consuming process. Having the right tools  will make all the difference to increase productivity, save time and money. As a small business owner or  entrepreneur, when you’re first starting you may not have the money to hire help yet so you’re doing a lot of the business management tasks yourself. Therefore, having the right tools that are free or cost effective,  make all the difference. I’ll be going over 15 online business management tools that have been my favorite so far and have become a crucial piece in keeping up with all my tasks while starting my business. These tools have been helpful for productivity, organization, and communication with clients and much more. 

  • Calendly (Price: Free-$12 per month)

This is a scheduling system to book appointments and meetings right into your calendar. I personally love it because I can link it to my website and also share the links with potential clients to book appointments. It also provides the option of setting up a form or questionnaire before people book. I personally use it to book my consultation calls and include a really brief questionnaire for potential clients to complete, this way it gives me more information on their specific situation to prepare for the meeting.

  •  Zoom ( Free-$15 per month)

This is a video conferencing system where you can hold group or individual meetings. I use it for individual coaching sessions, I’ve also had group meetings and it can also be used to provide live webinars and trainingings. The free version, it’s perfect for individual sessions but if you want to have a group session with three or more people, there’s a 45 minute limit so keep that in mind.  

  • Canva  (Free-$9 per month)

Canva is a great tool for graphic designs, stock photos, fonts and to create beautifully customized social media posts, invitations, calendars, workbooks, templates, logos and much more. You can find already done templates and customize them using your brand colors, fonts and logos. I’ve personally used canva to create social media posts, Facebook and linked in covers, flyers, workbooks, invoices and other templates. 

  • G Suite (Price: $12- per month)

This site is a google account for businesses. It includes video conferencing,  gmail, drive, docs, calendar, communication, collaboration, IT tools, storage and more. I personally love it because it allows you to set it up with your domain name that way your email address reads i.e. versus making your business sound more professional with a personalized domain email address.  

  • PayPal Business (2.9% + $0.30 per sale)

PayPal business is great to process payments. The difference between the PayPal Business versus the personal Paypal account is that with the PayPal business, you can accept payments from customers via credit card without them needing to have a PayPal account. 

  • WhatsApp (Free)

Whatsapp is great to be able to communicate with clients outside of the US. I’m able to communicate via text messages, voice recordings, video calls and phone calls with potential clients outside the US. Other good ones for this same purpose are Facebook Messenger and Voxer. 

  • Asana (Free)

You can use Asana to help you prioritize tasks by scheduling tasks, creating to do lists, setting reminders as well as setting deadlines and priorities for your team. I love using it to check off tasks, generate new blog ideas, and to keep me organized and on track with all of my “to do” items. 

  • DropBox (Free-$9.99 Per Month)

Great tool to get you organized with all of your online files and for storage. As a business owner, you will need cloud storage to access your files from any computer . Dropbox makes it easy to share files and videos with the rest of your team. 

  • Pexels (Free)

This is my favorite free stock photography resource tool. You can access beautiful free photos for your marketing/commercial  or personal use. I use Pexel for all my marketing posts, blogs, and template creations. Pexels allows you to use, modify, and copy their photos without permission or links to the source. However, it’s always nice to give credit to the photographer. Pexels also allows you to give donations if wanted to the photographer but it’s not mandatory. 

  • PDF Escape (Free-$5.99 per month)

This right here has been a life saver! With PDF Escape you can convert PDF files to editable PDF documents. I’ve used it for workbooks and other PDF templates I’ve created. 

  • Survey Monkey (Free)

As a business owner you will need to get to know your target audience well. You’ll want to know what their challenges, frustrations and needs are so that you can help them. Surveys are also great if you are planning to launch a new product or service and want feedback. Survey Monkey allows you to send customized surveys to customers/clients via email, text message or post the link to the social media platform of your choice. 

  • Business Name Generator (Free)

This is a great tool if you are searching names for your business. You can check domain name availability and generate new name ideas. Also, post your name ideas in our Facebook group and get feedback. Here is the link to my Facebook Group “Career Boss Ladies”

  • Trademark Search (Free)

To make sure you have all your legal ducks in a row, you’ll want to search the US Trademark Electronic search system to ensure the name you want hasn’t already been used. I would also recommend you consult an attorney on this, many of them provide free consultations. 

  • Google Analytics (Free)

  Google analytics is a must to track the traffic coming in and out of your website by 

adding the encrypted code to your site. It’s great also if you have a blog so that it can 

track which posts are doing best and where most of your traffic is coming from. 

  • Active Campaign ($9-$100 per month)

There are many email marketing systems out there but I started with an active campaign and love it. I’ve also heard great things about it from other entrepreneurs and that’s why I decided to go with it. Active campaign is great if you would like to integrate email marketing, and marketing automation to your business. There’s also a free trail you can start with for about a month. Another popular one is mailchimp, a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs start with this one because it’s free.