How to Remain Committed & Motivated to Your Goals

How to Remain Committed & Motivated to Your Goals

Sometimes we set goals especially at the  start of the new year and along the way we lose motivation and commitment. I’ve been guilty of it, especially when it comes to my healthy eating and fitness goals; it’s an area that I continue to work on. When it comes to career and educational related goals, It’s  been easier for me to remain focused until achieving them. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve encountered road blocks along the way but my vision of where I wanted to go and why, is what kept me going. It’s important to know your “why” of where you are headed and why you want that change.  

 It takes ambition and courage to achieve your goals and get to where you want in life. I’ve  learned that in order to achieve my goals I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone which I still continue to do. It’s normal to have some obstacles come your way but don’t ever allow fear to hold you back. In this blog article I  will share with you five tips that have helped me in the past remain committed and motivated to achieving my goals. Let’s dive in!

Five Tips that Have Helped Me

  • Believe in Yourself and in Your Goal

Mindset is everything, you will need to be your biggest cheerleader throughout the entire process .I’ve learned that real transformation takes time and daily work .You won’t always have a friend or a mentor in your corner every second of the day so that drive needs to come within. If you don’t believe you can accomplish your goal, you won’t. However, if you can remain focused on the end result you want to accomplish, it will help you stay  motivated when things get difficult.

  •  Have a Plan & Write it Down

Writing down goals and having a plan is a crucial step in making your goals a reality. According to an article on by Peter Economy, “ You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down”. Writing  goals down and having a plan, has helped me get more motivated and see how my goals will get accomplished. Breaking goals down into daily actions steps has also been very helpful. I usually keep a planner and break my goals down to quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Below are some tools that can help you. 

  • Planner- You can buy or create a planner that will help you remain focused and on tasks.
  • Journal-if you are into writing, a journal can be helpful to not only write down your goals but also track your progress.
  • Create Visuals- if you are into visuals, this is a great option for you. You can create a vision board that you can hang in your house or office, you can also create a digital vision board on Pinterest, Canva or even using Photoshop. 
  •  Spend Time Reviewing Goals & Progress

Dedicate some time to review your goals and progress. I usually carve out  about 30 minutes for a quarterly review, as well as a monthly review. I also spend about 10 minutes weekly and  daily reviewing and writing in my planner to create my focus for that week and day. 

  • Accountability Group 

Accountability groups are a great way to remain committed and motivated to your goals because you are not in it alone and have someone to hold you accountable. I have an accountability group where we meet bi-weekly via video conferencing since we all live in different locations. We set goals that we want to focus on for those next two weeks and when we meet again we report out on our progress. The group helps me stay focused because if I don’t have my goal done for the next meeting I’ll have to explain myself. Facebook Groups can also be great for accountability, I’m part of various FB groups where we share goals and celebrate wins. (If interested in a FB group, join my community by clicking link at bottom)

  • Get a Mentor or Coach

Sometimes we need a little extra help or push to achieve our desired results quicker. I’ve had my fair share of coaches, trainers and mentors and they have all been great at helping me make progress and reach my goals. Yes, coaches need coaching too! They’ve all helped me grow in many ways for different periods in my life. In fact, I’ve made the most progress when I’ve had a coach or trainer to check in with  regularly. It helps with the accountability peace greatly but it’s also helpful to have someone guide you who is knowledgeable on how to help you achieve that specific goal and/or who has been through that same process themselves and obtained successful results.

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