How To Leverage Your Transferable Skills to Start A Business

How To Leverage Your Transferable Skills to Start A Business

Do you want to start a business but don’t know what type of business to start? Do you ask yourself, which talent or special skill can I turn into a profitable business? Or are you overwhelmed by the idea and don’t know where to begin? Well, I know exactly how you feel because that used to be me before starting my own career coaching and consulting business on the side. I looked at starting a business as something tangible as opening a hair salon or coffee shop. I didn’t really consider leveraging the skills, talent, and experience I already possessed into an online serviced based business.

It wasn’t until I took some time to do some soul searching and reassessed my life in all aspects that I got clarity. I joined various groups on Facebook on different topics, I attended networking events, researched and talked to other business owners. I was then introduced to the coaching & consulting world through some of these groups, events and by talking to other people in my network.  At the time, I was not considering it as a career or business option so I kept exploring.

One day as I asked myself “what problem can you solve that you already have experience in and are good at? Suddenly it hit me, it was as if a light bulb literally turned on; I thought “helping others through their career journey and finding their career passion. How ironic that the very one thing I was struggling with myself, is what I’ve been able to help others with. It’s always easier to help others rather than yourself at times. At this point, I had over 10 years of experience in academic and career counseling and I knew that I was my best when I was helping others towards their career and academic goals.

I knew that career fulfillment for me was at an all-time high when I was able to ignite that excitement in my students and friends towards setting and achieving career goals. Helping them find their career purpose and direction made me as excited as they were for their future. So, I decided to take that experience and passion towards starting my own career coaching and consulting business.

Photo Credit: Due Justice Photography, Cover Photo Credit: from Pexels

Photo Credit: Due Justice Photography, Cover Photo Credit: from Pexels

In my story, I’ve mentioned a couple of the steps I took that helped me figure out the skills & talents I could leverage into starting a business but I’ve decided to share some additional tips below that can help you as well.

1. Evaluate your current and past roles

  • Make a list of all the duties in current and past roles that you are good at and enjoy doing.
  • Ask yourself, when you’re at your best, what are you doing? What can you do for hours and hours without it feeling like work? Write this down is the same doc or start a journal.
  • What are some things you absolutely dislike doing about your current or past roles? Make a list of this too.

2. Identify your ideal clients & work environment

  • Who do you enjoy helping the most?
  • Who are you most excited to work with most?
  • What’s your ideal work environment?
  • Do you enjoy working in a team or on your own?
  • Do you prefer working in an office, store, or the flexibility of working from home or anywhere?

3. Narrow it down

  • Based on the assessment above, list 3-5 business options you are considering.

4. Research, find out the following for each option

  • Do you need additional schooling and if so, how long will it take and cost?
  • Can your skills and degree be leveraged in this new career/field?
  • Ask yourself, am I willing to go back to school if needed?
  • Do some market research on each-are they viable options to start a business in? What are some of the top competitors in that industry?

5. Analyze all findings & make a decision

6. Develop a business & marketing plan and take action!

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