How to Create an Impressive Elevator Pitch

How to Create an Impressive Elevator Pitch

Whether you’re a job seeker or entrepreneur, an elevator pitch is an essential part of your career portfolio or toolkit. Being able to articulate and sell ones skills, talents and expertise is an ongoing process in your career journey. An elevator pitch can be beneficial in multiple occasions such as networking events, job fairs, social events and introducing yourself to a potential mentor/mentee or client. A key element of being able to speak about what you do is being comfortable doing it in a concise manner that flows naturally. Being able to pitch yourself and the work you do in a way that comes off genuine, confident and humble, takes practice. 

The purpose of the elevator pitch is to quickly let others know what your expertise is, any accomplishments and/or what makes you unique. It’s supposed to ignite a conversation with a potential lead or prospect whether you’re a job seeker or entrepreneur . Below you will find some tips and examples to make your elevator pitch a success. 

 Overall Structure When Creating your Elevator Pitch

  1. State Who You Are
  2. State What You Do/Who You Help
  3. Clear Statement that Explains How you’re Unique (i.e.years of experience, expertise, methodology, special awards or recognitions.etc)
  4. Call to Action Statement (what do you want the listener to do? Take your business card, schedule a follow up meeting, etc) 

Tips When Creating your Elevator Pitch

  1. Keep It Short and To The Point- an elevator pitch should be about 30 seconds at best but can be up to 60 seconds. It’s called an elevator pitch because you should be able to quickly and concisely explain what you do as if you were in an elevator ride with someone you just met.
  2. Create a Few Versions of Your Elevator Pitch-  see which flows more naturally and aligns with your goal.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice- the more you practice the more comfortable you will feel with it, and the more naturally it will flow. Practice saying it in under 30 seconds to a group of friends or colleagues!

Elevator Pitch Structure for Career Changers

  1. Introduce  Yourself 
  2. Outline Your Previous Professional Experience
  3. Bring it All Together (connect what you love from your previous experience to the new direction you want to go)
  4. Introduce Your Career Change 
  5. Call to Action Statement (what do you want the listener to do? Take your business card, schedule  a follow up meeting, etc)

Structure for Service Based Business/Entrepreneurs

  1. State Who Your Ideal Client is
  2. Pain or Struggle that your Client is Suffering
  3. How You Can Help Them and/or Results You Provide
  4. Call to Action Statement (what do you want the listener to do? Take your business card, book a follow up meeting, etc)

Examples of  an Elevator Pitch 

Example # 1-Job Seekers:

Hello my name is Jane Doe, I have 6 years of experience as a nurse with We Care Public Hospital. I’m seeking a position with a private hospital. If you know of any roles, please let me know. 

Example # 2-Career Transition Seekers:

Hello my name is Jane Doe, I have 5 years of experience as an English teacher. Through my experience in the classroom, I was able to connect with students and they would often open up about some of the issues that were impacting them at home. I really enjoyed being able to talk to them one on one and refer them to the appropriate professionals for further help. However, I wanted to help more students in this capacity so I decided to pursue a new career as a school counselor. If you have any openings in your  district, please notify me. 

Example # 3-Service Based Business Owner/Entrepreneur:

Hello I’m Jane Doe, I help women who are struggling with weight loss live a healthier lifestyle and get the weight off and keep it off for good. I offer various individual and group coaching programs that promote healthier eating habits and live a physically fit lifestyle that’s uniquely designed to your needs. If you or someone you know are ready to embark on a healthier living transformation, take my card and book a free consultation. 

Elevator Pitch Generators

If you need additional help coming up with an elevator pitch, there are several websites that offer free elevator pitch generators and can help you get started. I listed a couple of websites below that you can check out.

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