10 Tools and Resources that will Help you on your Job Search

10 Tools and Resources that will Help you on your Job Search

Looking for a new job in this day and age can be challenging. Therefore, it’s important that you are up to date with all the tools and resources to help give you that competitive edge. In this blog article I will go through some of the top job boards as well as share other resources that can help you throughout your job search process and career development

  • LinkedIn

Is one of the top job boards for job seekers and overall career development. You can use Linked In for multiple duties such as job search, keep in touch with your current network as well as grow your connections.  Linked In also has Linked In Learning where you can access courses, webinars, career forums and groups led by industry experts that can help you prepare and navigate with success your job search

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor has millions of job listings that you can apply directly to. They also have other useful tools such as salary research tools and job search engines. In order to use glassdoor you do need to register for an account.

  • Skillsshare.com

Skills share is great if you are looking to enhance your current skills and/or learn new skills. This is an online platform for those who want to learn through online educational videos. Courses are available upon subscription and the focus is based on interaction versus lecturing. The goal of the courses are designed so that students learn through completing a project.

  • Job Scan

Jobscan is a web service that helps job seekers with an instant analysis of how well their resume is tailored for a specific job and how it can be better optimized for the  Application Tracking System (ATS). The way it works is you upload your resume and paste the text of the job posting you’re tailoring your resume for and the system does a side by side evaluation. You can sign up for a free membership and are given 5 scans per month, any more than that requires a paid membership. 

  • Indeed.com

Indeed is one of the easiest and user friendly job search engines out there. With a single search you can access job lists and links to the direct companies site. You can apply to job postings using your Indeed resume, and  email or save job listings. Indeed also remembers your most recent job search so that next time you log in, it gives you an updated list with the latest job postings added. 

  • Link Up 

Link Up is a modern and straight to the point  job search engine that has up to date job listings.It’s a great option because you don’t waste time applying to jobs that have been filled or no longer available but still listed on some sites. 

  • Monster.com 

Monster is an online search engine for jobs and career opportunities. They also now offer video job descriptions where you can hear about the job description directly from the hiring manager. Monster also offers a career advice section where they have job search and interviewing tips as well as free templates such as thank you notes, resume/cover letter templates and more. You can also upload your resume and get a free assessment on it as well as interview prep resources.  

  • Meet Up

Meetup groups exist in cities all throughout the US. It brings people together to engage in activities and hobbies people have a shared interest in. It’s also great for networking. Meetup groups organize networking events and workshops which are great for job seekers, people looking to switch careers and business owners.  

  • Career Builder 

Career Builder has been around for over a decade or two. It has a customizable job search feature where you can quickly find job postings that meet your specific criteria. Postings are gathered directly from employers and posted on career builder. 

  • Facebook Jobs 

Most people are not aware that Facebook has a job search function. Facebook jobs will list jobs that are in your area and you can apply directly from your Facebook profile. However, if you chose to apply directly from your Facebook account, you will want to be mindful of keeping your personal Facebook page professional. You can also follow companies that you’re interested in via Facebook as well as join groups for networking, career growth and job search led by industry professionals.