Hola, I'm Nella!

 I'm a life transition coach. I help ambitious Women feeling stuck in life or their Career, rediscover themselves and find clarity while navigating change. Through our work together, I will show them how to bridge the gap so that they can confidently transition to their next level of success. 


Do you feel like you are meant for more but don't know how to get there or what that is?

The most common statements Women I work with share are:

    "I'm feeling stuck and unfulfilled"
    "I want to start a business but I'm too scared or shy to put it out there"
    "I hate my job, I don't find my career fulfilling anymore."

The hardest part of any change is to feel that fear and do it anyway! I will hold your hand every step of the way!

Do you want to finally start living the life you know you were meant for?

My coaching programs are for you if:

    Are ready for change & fulfillment in your life/career, and are ready to ignite your transition. 
    Want to improve confidence and self belief in order to achieve your goals and create the life & career you want. 
    You want to transition careers or finally start that business you've been thinking about but don't know where to start and fear failure or don't want to put yourself out there. 
    You're ready, willing and committed to taking your personal growth to the next level in order to achieve success. 
    You want accountability, support and be equipped with the necessary tools to overcome any blocks and disempowering beliefs in order to reach your highest potential.   

If you answered yes to any of these, then we better get started! During our coaching sessions we will work to get you unstuck and build that confidence in yourself and develop an action plan so that you can transition with ease and success into your desired life and career!

My mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs & professionals overcome their fears and disempowering beliefs to maximize their full potential & thrive.

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Here's What People Are Saying :)

I have always been fascinated with weddings. I was always intrigued with the way every single ceremony I attended was unique, personal and just plain special for each couple getting married. For about a year now, it has been in my heart to do something with weddings; I just didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do or in what direction. After a few conversations with a friend who had begun officiating weddings, I knew that was the direction I needed to go in. However, as excited as I was about my new journey, I didn’t know where to even begin. The thought of where and how to start on this new business venture seemed overwhelming. It was then that I began working with Nella to outline my goals and plans for this small business idea. She helped me map out my 3 main goals for the year and break them down into monthly actions steps to ensure I followed through with my plan and grew my business. We had several meetings online to diligently map the actions steps that would need to happen in order for me to begin the process of establishing a business, branding myself and reaching a target audience that I wanted to work with. I took a leap and began the process. I got ordained, began a social media page to promote myself and began scheduling wedding ceremonies through referrals and really putting myself out there. This would not have been possible without Nella’s guidance and support. Writing my goals down in the templates she provided and setting an action plan with her guidance throughout my journey really made my dreams real, tangible and attainable. Having someone knowledgeable about the process to bounce ideas off, to guide and challenge me to get out of my comfort zone has been a valuable experience.


Emma Chavez 

Before I started my sessions with Nella I felt stuck. I had taken small steps to pursue a goal of starting my own business, but I always had one foot outside the door and wasn’t able to really focus and take the steps necessary to keep moving forward. I felt and still struggle with self-doubt, but now that I’ve been working with Nella, she’s reminded me that even though fear can get in the way, taking baby steps gets you closer to your goal than taking no steps at all. She holds me accountable for my weekly goals and lights a fire under my ass when I need it. Her guidance and support have been my biggest uplift when I am second guessing myself, which happens a lot. Nella has not let me give up and for me, that is priceless. I am almost at my goal, a few more steps and I will owe it all to her support and guidance, she’s been with me every step of the way!


Alma Sanchez

Have you ever thought to yourself, why am I still working in this job when it doesn’t bring passion? Before Coaching with Nella, I thought that I just needed a better focus and help with a plan of action. Through our sessions I realized I was spreading myself thin in a business model that was enjoyable but didn’t inspire daily passion in me. While working with Nella the insights and strategy planning had us turn my focus in a whole different direction and I am so thankful for it.
Now we are creating strategies that I am excited to implement in my new business. Nella is patient, organized and helps bring back the focus on not just the bigger picture but the little details that you may have missed when deciding what you want to do for your career.  I have found it so valuable to keep accountability while growing a business and it isn’t easy to work for yourself, so having a Coach brings in the focus. Nella was very resourceful in helping me discover the reasons why I was procrastinating and encouraged a belief in myself to create the time it takes to build a business around family



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